Our method for computing compact facial landmarks derives layouts from facial rigs without requiring additional data. It has a strong …


Eurographics Tutorial, 2021

Eurographics, 2020

Eurographics Tutorial, 2020

SIGGRAPH Courses, 2019

ACM Transaction on Graphics 36(4), SIGGRAPH, 2017

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ACM Transaction on Graphics 34(6), SIGGRAPH Asia, 2015

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Eurographics - Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine (3rd Place), 2013

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Experience (selection)

August 2020 – Present
Bonn, Germany

Research Group Leader

Bonn University | Phenorob

4D Crop Reconstruction Fast, high-resolution, multi-view 3D reconstuctions of plants for high-throughput phenotyping (efficient growth analysis)
November 2018 – March 2020
Dublin, Ireland

Research Fellow (PostDoc)

Trinity College Dublin

R&D on facial animation, rigging and perception

  • two projects based on integer optimization (one independent work, one co-supervision of a PhD student)
  • co-authoring an extensive tutorial (SIGGRAPH/Eurographics) on virtual character perception
September 2017 – June 2018
Berlin, Germany

Senior Software Engineer

Trotzkind GmbH

Developed from scratch a post-processing tool for volumetric video

  • scan-to-scan alignment (non-rigid registration) for volumetric video
  • remeshing, mesh repair and other geometry editing algorithms
  • interactive 4d sequences using semi-automatic rigging algorithms
  • FBX and Alembic importer/exporter
November 2015 – May 2016
Germany, Turkey

Project Head

SUN start-up network

Organized a trip to connect with Istanbul’s start-up community

  • 15 company visits
  • networking events
October 2010 – March 2018
Bielefeld, Germany

Research Assistant and PhD Student

CITEC Cluster of Exellence, Bielefeld University

R&D on 3d scanning, editing, animating and rendering virtual faces

  • established collaborations with research labs in Spain, Ireland
  • research stay in South Korea, KAIST
  • co-developed a VR-system for stroke patient rehabilitation
  • interdisciplinary research on facial perception of digital characters
  • teaching game development and real-time rendering
  • developed custom software for Adidas
June 2004 – August 2009
Germany and Austria


Vizrt, RTT (now 3DExcite), IfNN

  • software and shader development for virtual studio (TV) solutions
  • 3D-Artist (mdelling, rigging)
  • clay animation


Eurographics PhD Award

PhD Faculty Award

FameLab NRW (2nd)

EG - Dirk Bartz Prize for Visual Computing in Medicine (3rd)