Hiring (Post-Docs/PhD Positions)


I am scouting for candidates in the context of virtual avatars, character stylization or game asset generation from 4D data to quickyl fill positions as soon as the grants are approved. The start date would be autumn 2023. Candidates will have the opportunity to work with new and rather unique hardware for 3D/4D acquisition, motion capture or interaction in VR/AR. Individual projects will be jointly developed focusing on one or more core ideas: (a) developing interactive assets suitable for game engines from 3D and 4D data with classical or neural representations, (b) creating stylized characters from 3D/4D data © investigating how stylization affects communication and interaction in virtual spaces. If you are interested, please email me for an informal conversation.

Bonn, Germany
Eduard Zell (PhD)
Research Group Leader - 4D Reconstruction